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Thanks a lot, Bitch & Sundance


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Countess Von Fingerbang
23 May 1988
All About Coco ♥

My name is Coco. I'm 28. I'm a linguist. I'm bisexual. I am head over heels for Meryl Streep. Everything is Meryl Streep and nothing hurts. She's my idol and my measuring stick against which everything else in my life is measured. Maybe that's a tad dramatic... but maybe not. I also really love Mary McDonnell, right now pretty much every ship I've been writing about has Mary as half of it. I write mostly The Closer/Major Crimes and Devil Wears Prada with hopes of breaking into Once Upon a Time. I write het and femslash.

Retired racing greyhounds is my pet cause; I'm a greyhound lover forever. I love all dogs and I also have two sweet, lovely pet rats and a pair of awesome, quirky fish. I just love animals.

I am an avid fic writer and I also make icons, graphics and the occasional vid. Please pop over to my graphics/fic comm i_heart_meryl Here are my fic sites and whatnot: Streeptastic! (Streepcentric fic) | Marymania (Mary McDonnell fic) | My AO3 (Grrriliketigers) | My FF.net (Grriliketigers) | My Vimeo Vids (Coco41) | My Tumblr (Gracillius)
My Actress Loves ♥

Meryl Streep | Mary McDonnell | Lisa Edelstein | Marg Helgenberger | Sela Ward | Wendie Malick

Betty White | Patricia Clarkson | Lana Parrilla | Megan Mullally | Jaime Murray | Gillian Anderson

Lily Tomlin | Michelle Pfeifer | Helen Mirren | Jodie Foster | Julia Louie-Dreyfus | Julianne Moore
My Fandom/Ship Loves ♥

Brenda/Sharon (Closer) | Sharon/Fritz (Closer) | Sharon/Andrea (Closer) | Roslin/Adama (BSG) | Roslin/Cain (BSG) | Roslin/Zarek (BSG)

Miranda/Andy (DWP) | Miranda/Jane (DWP) | Joy/Victoria (Hot in Cleveland) | Stacy/Cuddy (House) | Emma/Regina (OUAT) | Grissom/Catherine (CSI)

*For a more exhaustive list of ships please peruse the profile of my fic/graphics community: i_heart_meryl
My Pet Loves, Past & Present ♥

Furball | Tiger (Vomanos) | Inga (Jettin' Inga) | Coffee Maker | Erika (King's Erika) | Dreams

Aziza | Freckles (Wyncacci) | Rosa Glen | Oksana | Daphne | Roz
My Girlfriend ♥
My Pimps ♥

gameofcards | Apply for a Team | Team Spades FTW!

tv_universe | Apply for a Team | Team Bunny Ears FTW!

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