Countess Von Fingerbang (madampresident) wrote,
Countess Von Fingerbang

I am so frustrated. I am so angry. I just feel like everyone is making promises that they can't or don't keep. I am so sick of people at fucking employment agencies acting like a month is no big deal to wait. I'm angry that the graphic design firm at which I had a two week long test period for administrative assistant never called me. I don't have any money. I have been fucking unemployed since October. I'm pissed at myself that I quit the job at the deli-- even though I quit because I hated it because now I'm feeling like it was so irresponsible of me to quit.

I interviewed at an employment agency that deals with a firm that grades standardized tests. I interviewed there because the ad said that the position would start on January 34d. Today is January 3rd and I called and they said the next project starts in February. Like, why not tell me that when I was interviewing? Say "the interview was a little late in the process and we might not be able to get you in until February." or something like that because it's not like I'm just looking for a job to fill my idle time while I spend my millions.

I'm pissed off that my degree doesn't even seem to help me in any way, shape or form. I'm just fucking pissed off.

Maybe I'll go to the pawn shop today and pawn the camera that I found this summer, dropped by a tourist and never claimed despite multiple attempts to find the owner. Maybe I'll pawn my old DVD player -- 90% reliable, all pieces together. Maybe I'll pawn my sansa since I have an ipod... but probably not because I really do prefer my sansa to my ipod but it only plays out of one earpiece and that screws up your hearing.
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