Countess Von Fingerbang (madampresident) wrote,
Countess Von Fingerbang

I'm spending some time at my parents' and my mum used to give me a hard time about everything (like stupid I did the dishes wrong things) but she's been a lot better about it recently.

Last night the door to the basement was off the track, my room is in the basement. I pushed it back into alignment and tightened the screws on the hinges. I woke up this morning and came upstairs and I wanted to tell my mum what I did to the door to fix it and before I could really say anything she was like "oh you're the one who broke the door."

Every year my parents get Christmas presents for a needy child. At my dad's work he chooses a tag that has a kids name, clothing sizes and gift wishes. This year they got a teenage boy and he asked for giftcard(s) and my mum got him a $50 Mastercard Gift Card and a jacket and some jeans. Those things are sitting on the dining room table. My computer bag is on the dining room table and my mum put my mail and my pie plate next to my stuff which is also next to his stuff. I didn't ONCE touch his things, I glanced but I wasn't at all interested in it. Five minutes after I was upstairs my mum goes "Did you try to steal the $50 gift certificate?" My mum told me it was on top of my stuff under my toothbrush. If it was there I don't know how it got there. I said I didn't do it because I didn't. First of all, yes, I'm unemployed, but I still have "plenty" of money, I wouldn't ever steal from an underprivileged kid. If I needed money I'd ask my dad. Second of all, it would be retarded of me to steal it, I'm an only child and it's not like I could convince my parents the other of them did it. The thing that drives me crazy is HOW did it get under my stuff? The gift card was under the tag and the tag was where it always was. I'm thinking to myself... is it possible that my mum made it up? I feel weird that I'm considering that my mum is making shit up to pick a fight.
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