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So, I joined femslash_land, it's a landcomm, don't ask me to explain it... because it's my first and I'm not super sure of the ins and outs. It's like a team thing though and I participate in challenges... well, the first one I'm doing is a picspam of a couple. I chose Stacy/Cuddy because I was feeling a bit sentimental. I love this pairing like burning and I miss it. So I decided to forgo my current favorites in honor of STUDDY.


Just A Game
A Stacy/Cuddy Love Story

This is an important picture for me to include because Stacy & Cuddy's relationship is wrapped up in House. We see Stacy and Cuddy together for the first time in Three Stories but it's technically pre-show and we see their interactions for the first time.

Stacy's house's girlfriend, House and Cuddy had a relationship once upon a time, they both care about House and they're bound through this connection.

House says he wants the dangerous, radical procedure that he might not live through. Stacy wants the safer procedure but that which ends up losing him use of his leg -- and House is in a coma and Stacy's the medical proxy. Cuddy's the doctor that has to do it and they have to live with their choices.

Even in the beginning, despite both of their feelings of guilt and worry over House, they have great eye sex.

They're concerned about each other. They cast long, deep looks at each other.

I think the other most telling thing is the way Cuddy looks when they're turned away from each other.

They hang. They're tight. When she tells House that she hired Stacy to work at the hospital. She says "I've always liked Stacy." There's clearly more going on between them. They have a link and they both know it. When you think about what Cuddy says and then try to think about the logistics of their previous interactions, to me it gets a bit murky. After House's operation, Stacy and House lasted about a month and then Stacy goes off so they stop seeing each other. So, they hung out before that. Why would House get his current and his ex to hang out? I just think that they have to have felt a connection to each other.

They both know it's a bad idea for House and Stacy to be in the same place for too long but they both want to be together. They need to be close.

They're just hanging out, working when House barges in.

Cuddy, in the first episode of Stacy's short tenure at PPTH, feels the need to assert herself as the HBIC of the hospital. Stacy is cool and collected about it.

House feels the need to get between them. Cuddy knows that Stacy can't be objective around House. Cuddy also isn't objective around House so they're both overcompensating. They both have feelings for him but also they both have guilt surrounding his leg.

But despite yelling at each other, they end up close again. They're magnetized.

They're comfortable with each other. They have a very one step forward two steps back sort of relationship. House won't let them be closer because Cuddy feels jealous that Stacy still has feelings for House and Stacy feels that Cuddy has feelings for House and I think the "they both won't House" is pretty simplistic. There's a slight distrust in them of each other that will forever prevent them from being truly together.

The way she looks at her... compassion and love.

She touches her and leans closer. Telling Cuddy that she needs to avoid the bedside of her landscaper.

Cuddy flees Stacy because she knows that Stacy is getting into her head.

Stacy does not wait to be invited.

Stacy sits down and has a heart to heart with Cuddy, trying to convince her -- in vain, of course -- that she has nothing to feel guilty about. She cares very deeply about Cuddy, which, in my opinion is very clear by how she watches her.

How Stacy watches her in that stolen moment before she announces her presence.

Stacy goes to Cuddy to offer comfort, try to assuage her guilt (and lessen the likelihood of a lawsuit to boot)

Cuddy tells Stacy "ever since I was twelve I wanted to be a doctor..." she's opening herself up and revealing her doubts about whether she has it in her.

"I knew I wanted to be a lawyer since I was nine." She tries to distract Cuddy from her self-depricating thoughts.

And Cuddy turns away from her to cry.

Cuddy and Stacy have a power thing going on. Cuddy is the boss but Stacy has the power in this episode because of the huge potential lawsuit against the Dean of Medicine. Stacy can make both House and Cuddy SHUT UP.

Then she looks to Cuddy and they have this moment of true compassion and she asks Cuddy's opinion.

Just hanging out again. Like the bffs they, obviously, are.

Then at the end of that episode when Cuddy smiles slightly after House, that possessive glare!smile that Stacy gives Cuddy. I adore that look.

Stalker!Cuddy trying to find Stacy.

Stacy's feeling guilty because she kissed House and is avoiding representing he and Chase. Cuddy is justifiably pissed.

Stacy, not so subtly, trying to avoid talking about it.

Cuddy tells Stacy what's what. Because they have that power play that inevitably keeps them from closing the last inch between them.

They really don't take any bullshit from each other. Again the eye sex and the attempt at Jedi Mind Tricks.

Stacy does not knock.

The guilt, confusion and sadness when Stacy quits. Cuddy knows that it has to do with House and she's mad that House has yet again made it impossible for them to get close.
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