Countess Von Fingerbang (madampresident) wrote,
Countess Von Fingerbang

I went out shopping with my grandmother yesterday.

Nana: Are you ever going to get married and give me grandchildren?
Coco: First of all, they'd be greatgrandchildren, you already have four grandchildren. Calm down. Second of all, in this state I can marry Erin.
Nana: Why would you do that?
Coco: Because I love her?
Nana: Yeah, but I can't tell people that you're marrying your girlfriend, they'll be like "what?"
Coco: That's their problem. Times are changing.

And then there was the "but Erin can't give me children" thing and I was all I don't want kids... and the world is overpopulated, if I ever do the kid thing, I'd want to be a foster parent.

I'd stop bringing up the dating a woman thing if she'd stop bringing up the baby thing.
Nana: You need a man for a baby.
Coco: Not necessarily.
Nana: But how would you know it was yours?
Coco: Because legally I would own it.

And then I revisited the overpopulation argument. It became clear that neither of us would change her mind.
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