Countess Von Fingerbang (madampresident) wrote,
Countess Von Fingerbang

I am pumped up for Hot in Cleveland! Wendie Malick... oh she was one of the original crushes when I was coming out (--later realizing all the crushes I'd had before I understood that they WERE crushes--). My heart still beats for Nina Van Horn. I imagine that her Hot in Cleveland will mostly be a rehashing of Nina, superficial, weight-obsessed, a little dingbatty? Who knows, maybe she'll be a lot smarter than Nina (it would be hard not to be...) -- she probably won't be a druggie, maybe she'll be a bit of a lush. But whatever she is, I'm sure she'll be lovably sassy, willfully charismatic and 100% badass.

Is it too much to hope for that Jane Leeves's character have psychic visions just like Daphne on Frasier?
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