Countess Von Fingerbang (madampresident) wrote,
Countess Von Fingerbang

So, I can ship Miranda Priestly and Donna Sheridan because I find them to be so incredibly different. I feel that Donna is very Meryl but that Miranda isn't very Meryl. I make the following points why I don't think Miranda is very Meryl:

1. Miranda is cool colors. Because of the white hair and the make-up choice, she does appear cool. Donna with her blonde hair and her make-up is made of warm colors.

2. Donna smiles a lot, like Meryl. Miranda does not smile much, unlike Meryl.

3. Donna gesticulates, which is very Meryl, and is very physical. Miranda is very reserved, which is unlike Meryl, and is a lot more verbal.

*note the tiny hand gesture

4. Miranda's short hair and bangs gives her face the appearance of being rounder. Donna's long hair gives her face the appearance of being longer.

5. Meryl lost a lot of weight to be Miranda which changes her face/jawline and figure.

further examples:

These are just a few thoughts of mine. I'm open to hearing other thoughts about it as well, ♥
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