Countess Von Fingerbang (madampresident) wrote,
Countess Von Fingerbang

RAAR! I found a GREAT deal on a 250GB external harddrive but it's sold out online :((((( And I'm afraid that it won't be such a good price in-store and also I don't drive so I'd have to talk someone in to taking me :( my mum def wouldn't. Although maybe I could convince my mum to swing me by on Sunday because we're going to a work Christmas party and there's a Best Buy in the same town, if I plead and flash some puppy eyes... MAYBE, or I suppose I could just ask now and know, lol OOH or actually I'm probably going out with one of my friends and we'll go right by it... yeah, I guess I'll do that.

But anyway, I think I'm getting these shoes because I need new sneakers. And also I want THESE LOL

AND DEAR GOD ANGIE HARMON IS HOT. I'm watching Women's Murder Club and they give her suuuuch flattering clothes. Mmmm. Skinny jeans and tight long sleeved shirts. =D!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eye candy is kind of all this show is good for.. ;) It has funny bits but as a serious show? Nuh-uh.
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