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Because I make a playlist for every fic I write to help inspire me while I write. Here's the one that goes to Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, hope you like it! School has started so I have less time than I did during the summer and also I just moved into a new apartment and we do not have internet access yet so I haven't really had much opportunity to work on my fic. Here's a peace offering. Chapter four WILL be up this weekend for sure. Cross my heart ♥

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Love Game//Lady GaGa

Let's have some fun,
This beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick

I wanna kiss you
But if I do then I might miss you babe
It's complicated and stupid

Hold me and love me
Just want to touch you for a minute
Baby three seconds is enough for my heart to quit
Chose this song for a couple of reasons. I like the idea of the Love Game, because that's sort of what it feels like to Andy. The object of the game is to make her relationship with Miranda work and to keep Cassidy at a distance without breaking her heart and the only rule is that they shouldn't know about each other. Not as easy as it seemed. Also, the fact that it's about meeting someone at a club and wanting to sleep with them which is exactly how Cassidy felt when she saw Andy there. And lastly, Andy's feelings toward Miranda, she wants to love her, yes, but she also wants to sleep with her.
Makes Me Wonder//Maroon 5

God damn my spinning head
Decisions that made my bed
Now I must lay in it
And deal with things I left unsaid
I want to dive into you
Forget what you're going through
I get behind, make your move
Forget about the truth

I still don't have the reason
And you don't have the time
And it really makes me wonder
If I ever gave a fuck about you
Cassidy is a dramatic teenager. I also feel like this is a good song for her feelings when she finally finds out about Miranda and Andy's relationship. She feels betrayed by both of them. She feels upset that she lost out to her mother and she feels like Miranda betrayed her - even though she didn't know about her crush on Andy. And she definitely feels betrayed by Andy because Andy has all of the facts and she still pursued Miranda. Sort of like the best friend rule, you don't date your best friend's ex. You don't date your sort of-ex's mother.
I Try//Macy Gray

I may appear to be free but I'm just a prisoner of your love
I may seem alright and smile when you leave but my smiles
are just a front I play it off but I'm dreaming of you
I'll keep my cool but I'm fiendin I try to say good-bye and
I choke I try to walk away and I stumble though I try to hide it,
It's clear my world crumbles when you are not near
Cassidy's feelings towards Andy and Andy's feelings toward Miranda. Miranda's feelings aren't discussed as much in the text and plus she's older and has had more relationships so she's a bit more level-headed. Andy's feelings towards Miranda because she still sort of feels like it could get yanked out from under her at any minute because Miranda is still holding back but everytime she thinks about ending it it just feels wrong. She should be an adult and she should be calm but she just feels like a lovesick teenager again.
Drive//Melissa Ferrick

Whatever you want
I'll give it to you
I'll give it to you slowly
'till you're just begging me to hold you
ya whatever you want
whatever you want
but you're gonna have to ask me

Your mouth waters
stretched out on my bed
your fingers are trembling
and your heart is heavy and red
and your head is bent back
and your back is arched
my hand is under there
holding you up
Miranda and Andy have a lot of sex. Miranda likes making Andy tell her what she wants, she likes to hear Andy talk about it. She likes to watch Andy quiver and writhe. But is much more reluctant to have Andy return the favor.
Jesse's Girl//Rick Springfield

You know, I wish that I had Jessie's girl,
I wish that I had Jessie's girl
Where can I find a woman like that
I play along with the charade,
there doesn't seem to be
a reason to change
You know, I feel so dirty
when they start talking cute
I wanna tell her that I love her,
but the point is probably moot
If Cassidy was kind of okay with Miranda and Andy being together, like humbly admitting defeat but still feeling like she couldn't do any better than Andy and just would have to pine forever or settle.
I'd Do Anything//Simple Plan

I'd do anything
Just to hold you in my arms
To try to make you laugh
Cuz somehow I can't put you in the past
I'd do anything
Just to fall asleep with you
Will you remember me?
Cuz I know
I won't forget you
Did I mention that most of this playlist is Cassidy angst? Isn't everything just more upsetting and dramatic as a teenager? That's the way I remember it. I loved this song when I was in high school (and before anyone says it I know I'm not that far removed from High School ;] but still.)
God Must Hate Me//Simple Plan

I guess it's no use
I'm screwing up every little thing I ever try to do
I'm born to lose
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

God Must hate me
He cursed me for eternity
God Must hate me
Maybe you should pray for me
I'm breaking down and you can't save me
I'm stuck in hell and
I wanna go home
The woman that Cassidy loves loves Cassidy's mother. Clearly God hates her. I'm actually pretty sure there's no other explanation.
Untouchable Face//Ani Defranco

i could make you happy you know
if you weren't already
i could do a lot of things
and i do

tell you the truth i prefer
the worst of you
too bad you had to have a better half
she's not really my type
but i think you two are forever
and i hate to say it but
you're perfect together

so fuck you
and your untouchable face
and fuck you
for existing in the first place
and who am i
that i should be vying for your touch
and who am i
i bet you can't even tell me that much
I think that after Cassidy deals with Miranda and Andy's relationship that she'd be happy for both of them. It's a conflicting emotion because she hates that she lost Andy to her mother but she also thinks Andy is perfect and she wants her mom to be happy and she knows that she would want the best for her mother.
Stacy's Mom//Fountains of Wayne

And I know that you think it's just a fantasy
But since your dad walked out, your mom could use a guy like me

Stacy's mom has got it goin' on
She's all I want and I've waited for so long,
Stacy can't you see your just not the girl for me,
I know it might be wrong but oh oh
(I know it might be wrong)
I'm in love with (Stacy's mom oh oh)
(Stacys mom oh oh)
I'm in love with Stacy's mom
Like there was any way this song wouldn't make the playlist? It is probably the most perfect song for this list. Cassidy wants Andy and Andy wants Cassidy's mom. It's a tale as old as time.
Cupid's Chokehold//Gym Class Heroes

It's been some time since we last spoke
This is gonna sound like a bad joke
But momma I fell in love again
It's safe to say I have a new girlfriend

And I know it sounds so old
But cupid got me in a chokehold
And I'm afraid I might give in
Towels on the mat my white flag is wavin'
I think it's safe to say that Cassidy falls in love very easily and this song strikes me because it seems like the narrator is in love without really knowing the object of affection too well or not having known her for too long. I also like that it says "Momma I fell in love again" because she has no idea...
The One That Got Away//P!nk

Oh but my man you're someone else's man
And that ain't the man that I want
But you keep drawing me in with those big brown lying eyes

You'll always be mine
In the back of my mind
Oh we had a night
Just a little while

There's always one that gets away
The one that sneaks up on you that slips away
Really self explanatory... But now that I think about it it's also sort of a throw back to how Andy left Runway/Miranda. Miranda felt like Andy was the one that slipped away.
She Has a Girlfriend Now//Reel Big Fish

she has a girlfriend now
she has a girlfriend now
she has a girlfriend now, she said
"guys don't do no more for me"

"you never loved me, like i wanted you to"
"i loved you baby, what do you want me to do?"

she said she found someone who's gonna hold her hand
she said she found someone who's gonna understand
she don't need nobody to be her man
There are three women in this story who have come out and realized they don't want/need men. Nate left Andy, but Andy left him emotionally long before the actual breakup. Miranda was never there emotionally with her husbands so they all left her and apart from the bruised ego she was atually okay with it because it wasn't really what she wanted. Of the three of them, though, I'd say she's probably the only one who's bisexual.
Fifteen//Taylor Swift

'cause when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you
You're gonna believe them
And when you're fifteen
Feeling like there nothing to figure out
Well count to ten, take it in
This is life before who you're gonna be
You're always in love when you're fifteen. Love is so easy when you're fifteen. Cassidy turns sixteen in the story but she starts it at fifteen.
Put Your Records On//Corinne Bailey Rae

Maybe sometimes, we've got it wrong, but it's alright
The more things seem to change, the more they stay the same
Oh, don't you hesitate.

Girl, put your records on, tell me your favourite song
You go ahead, let your hair down
Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams,
Just go ahead, let your hair down.

You're gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow.
I think this song is really perfect for this song because there's the scene when Andy has to ascertain which band both twins like and she asks Cassidy to play her her favorite songs and she tells her in the same scene that she'll find someone. It's very older person talking to younger person. Very guiding.
I'm Gonna Find a New You//John Mayer

It's really over, you made your stand
You got me crying, as was your plan
But when my loneliness is through, I'm gonna find another you

So go on baby
Make your little get away
My pride will keep me company
And you just gave yours all away
Now I'm gonna dress myself for two
Once for me and once for someone new
I'm gonna do somethings you wouldn't let me do
Oh I'm gonna find another you
Cassidy making peace with not being able to have Andy but she secretly hopes for an Andy double.
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room//John Mayer

Can't seem to hold you like I want to
So I can feel you in my arms.
Nobody's gonna come and save you,
We pulled too many false alarms.

We're going down,
And you can see it too.
We're going down,
And you know that we're doomed.
My dear,
We're slow dancing in a burning room.
I don't really like this song very much and I should have thought of that before I named the fic after it. Cassidy's crush on Andy is doomed from the getgo.
It's My Party//Leslie Gore

Judy and Johnny just walked through the door
Like a queen with her king
Oh what a birthday surprise
Judy's wearin' his ring

It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to
Cry if I want to, cry if I want to
You would cry too if it happened to you
Finding out that the woman she loves is dating her mother on her birthday? Crying at her own party is an inevitability and it is completely her prerogative.
Mama's Got a Girlfriend//Ben Harper

But mama's got a girlfriend now, boy!
Mama's got a girlfriend now.
Mama's got a girlfriend.
Mama's got a true friend.
Mama's got a girlfriend now.

You see Mama don't watch your damn football.
And your beer drinkin' just won't do.
You're just stayin' out late.
And you're preachin' the hate.
And you never have been true.
You see, Mama, she want her somebody who will let her be herself.
So she's leavin' you and your stinky damn ways, cause she's found somebody else.
Mama's got a girlfriend now. In a lot of ways the girls are relieved because they saw how hard all of her husbands were on her. They didn't really think any of them were right/good enough for her and they're happy to know that she's with someone who can understand her in a different way.

(all the icons are made by me and are up for the taking with credit ♥)


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