Countess Von Fingerbang (madampresident) wrote,
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Bonjour Mes Amies!

I am sadly and pitifully without internet at my new apartment. Those of you following Slow Dancing in a Burning Room have probably noticed that I've been a little absent. (or a lot absent...) I've been working on a couple of playlists for Mirandy. One of them is for Slow Dancing and the other one is an angsty sort of playlist. It's from both points of view and it's kind of like the stages of emotion after a break-up and they each blame the other one for the dissolution of the relationship until they reach a simultaneous but separate conclusion that breaking up was the wrong thing to do.

I've also had several new fic ideas.
  • (not really new) Priestly's Piece of Paradise: (Miradonna) Donna invites Caroline, Cassidy, Andy, Emily and Nigel to cheer up a happy but bored Miranda whose once busy days are now spent lounging lazily by the clear Greek waters. Donna's plan sort of backfires as the island guests bring a lot more trouble to paradise than good cheer. - started, brainstormed, not writing yet because I don't know what the ending should be

  • (not really new) Penance: (Mirandy) I've always wondered why there are so many stories in which Andy gets shot and why no one has ever tried to assassinate the reigning Queen of Mean. Well, I did. - already have some written but also on hold because I don't know how to end it.

  • (not really new)Villa Miranda: (Miradonna) Donna breaks her leg and it becomes impossible for her to navigate her stair-heavy, multi-storey hotel. With Sophie and Skye gone off on an adventure Miranda is left to run the operation. Feeling that running a fashion magazine would give her ample experience for running a hotel, Miranda charges forward with undue confidence and finds herself a little over her head but unwilling to admit defeat.

  • Driving Me Crazy: (Mirandy) Miranda asks Andy to help the girls practice driving. When Andy inquires why Miranda doesn't do it herself she admits that she doesn't have a license. Andy decides to take on the task of teaching her lover a new skill but Miranda clings fast and hard to the old dog/new tricks cliché. How could the acquisition of a flimsy piece of plastic possibly put so much strain on a relationship? Miranda and Andy are about to find out.

  • [Untitled So Far]: (Mirandy) A newly retired and soon to be empty nested Miranda was starting to drag through her days with boredom and general annoyance. Anxious to cheer her up and bring their little family closer together before the twins go off to college, Andy suggests a college visit roadtrip. Miranda is skeptical but agrees. Hilarity and chaos inevitably ensues.

  • [Untitled So Far]: (Mirandy) untitled and also doesn't really have a clear plot, but I thought of a line when I was making my angst playlist: Miranda, wiping tears out of her eyes, spits out, "if your goal was to make me look like an old skirt chasing fool, congratulations. You did it."

Anyway, have to go. ♥ working on getting internets and tomorrow is my day off so I'll probably hunker down in the coffee shop with my computer and do some much needed writing if I don't have to run errands (which is a possibility...)
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