Countess Von Fingerbang (madampresident) wrote,
Countess Von Fingerbang

S'OKAY. Two things:

My Christmas cards are now HOLIDAY cards so, like, if y'all would like to get cards you can go to my card request post and sign up to get a card :)

The other thing is.......................

I will make an icon for anyone and everyone on my flist who comments to this post. The icon will be yours and yours alone to whore or to share as you please. I just ask that you give me the fandom you want your icon to be from, let me know if you want shippy or gen or an actor/actress or whatever ♥ you can also give me pictures to use but if you do please give me a couple because some pictures just don't work out :) - and this can be a belated hanukkah present or a Christmas present or a winter solstice present, this is completely non-denominational :)

Tags: christmas, christmas cards, presents
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