Countess Von Fingerbang (madampresident) wrote,
Countess Von Fingerbang

Writer's Block: Bedside Manners

Hospital dramas are a time-honored staple of television, from General Hospital to County General to Seattle Grace. Which TV hospital would you most want to check in to? And who would be your doctor?

As soon as I saw this question I thought "well, House obviously!" and I think that my most wanted hospital is too obvious an answer. Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital or bust! I would want Cuddy for my doctor because she's hot, and I'd want House for my doctor because he wouldn't rest until he figured out was wrong with me but I'd like never see him (not that I'd mind seeing a lot of 13 and Kutner!)

But I was thinking which TV hospitals would I least like to be admitted to? And that one was pretty easy too, the Grey's Anatomy hospital, I mean apart from the fact that I don't like the show the times I did see it everyone seemed pretty incompetent so it's a double whammy on that one.
Tags: medical dramas, tv shows, writer's block
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