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I made a painting of Micra in ArtRage on the school computer to express my feelings.

So, I know that legit artists don't explain their paintings because it's for them and not necessarily for "laymen" and that if they don't get it that's their problem. But I did want to explain a few things here. I used the "paint" for the blues and browns and then I blended with the "palette brush" and I made Micra with "oil pastels" I think, that's what it looked like and then I made the swish through Micra and the plant with the palette brush because it's like she's a blur because I can't hold on to her and she's doing her own thing and she's happy doing her silly sweet little fish thing and the rainbow in the corner is from the rainbow bridge reflecting in the water.

My mom was so sweet when I was upset about Micra because she was like, "if there's a rainbow bridge it's probably over water and she's there with Tiger and Inga and Erika."

[ Fuck, I'm making myself cry in the middle of a school computer lab AND it's the first day in like 6 months that I'm wearing make-up... irony ]

Anyway, that's my painting.

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