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Coco ♥
As the screenname might suggest I love Cuddy! And also the television show House! I also love CSI, CSI:NY, The X-Files, Fairly Odd Parents, Spongebob Squarepants... I don't apologize for loving those two cartoons, they are way more adult than their rating gives them credit for. And they're funny ♥

I also love Meryl Streep, she is by far my favorite screen actress, she is profoundly talented, a beautiful person as well as a beautiful soul and she deserves all the success in life that she has and more! Also I love Lisa Edelstein, Marg Helgenberger, Sela Ward and Wendie Malick. I would love to go off on why I love them but I don't want to bore you ;).

But anyway, I'm a college sophomore this year, I'm 19, I'm a French major (with a minor in psychology and I'll be adding Justice Studies or English as a minor as well). I love writing, I love my Paint Shop Pro8, it's practically my life. I love my retired racing greyhounds! (I've had 5 altogether). I work at a doggy daycare on Mondays and Fridays and it's so much fun!
My Babies:
Inga "The Ding" 1994-2005
• Tiger "Tiggy" 1993-2006
Furball "Kitty" ????-2007
• Erika "Missam" 1997-2007
Coffee "Coffee Cake" 1995-
• Dreams "Dreamy" 2001-

Freckles 2002-

♥House/Cuddy ♥Grissom/Catherine. ♥House/Wilson ♥Stacy/Cuddy ♥Cuddy/Wilson ♥House/Cuddy/Wilson ♥House/Cuddy/Stacy/Wilson ♥House/13 ♥Cuddy/13. ♥Cath/Sara ♥Cath/Greg ♥Sara/Sofia ♥ Sara/Greg ♥Mac/Stella, ♥ Stella/Lindsay ♥Stella/Cath ♥Cath/Cuddy ♥House/Catherine, ♥ Cath/Lady Heather. ♥ Grissom/Lady Heather ♥Cath/Wendy ♥Alex/Olivia ♥Mulder/Scully, ♥Reyes/Scully ♥ Reyes/Doggett

So do we have any ships in common? LOL How could we not? ;)

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