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If anyone is interested in the plot summary for my house_bigbang House novel it's under the cut. It's my three series crossover. This is a semi-detailed outline, but no ending or anything. So it's not super everything... (CSI, CSI:NY, House) <--and I'm so tempted to add another show...

iluetheline: the ships are Mac/Stella (CSI:NY), Catherine/House, Catherine/Wilson and Stacy/Cuddy

"NIKKINIKKI": ooh. that one sounded good.

iluetheline: Cuddy's mad that Stacy came back after divorcing Mark and is flirty with House and everyone thinks it's because she's in love with House but she's really in love with Stacy

iluetheline: And Wilson really wants to ask Catherine out but after dating a patient in season 2 he's a little worried because she's the daughter of a patient and so he's really shy and House doesn't know that Wilson wants to date her and House asks her out

"NIKKINIKKI": I am really liking the sound of this

iluetheline: I have the entire thing outlined in my head lol

"NIKKINIKKI": you always do.

iluetheline: It starts with Catherine telling Grissom she's leaving Las Vegas, she says she was just going to leave and not tell him like he's been doing with her, like not telling her stuff but she's like, "I felt like I owed you that much even if you don't feel like you owe me anything."

iluetheline: like *GUILT GUILT GUILT*

"NIKKINIKKI": haha. guilting Grissom is sooo easy

iluetheline: But despite my Grillows tendency I'm not going to turn this Grillows

"NIKKINIKKI": hmmm. probably a good thingiluetheline: it's a little improbable a little too idealistic, lol

iluetheline: I like fluff... but not that much

iluetheline: and I really want my crossover ships!

"NIKKINIKKI": yeah. crossover ships are really interesting

iluetheline: I feel like House/Catherine should happen for a while and Wilson will pine and then he'll admit to Catherine that he's fallen in love with her. Like after a while, because if she's with House she'd obviously become close-ish with Wilson and Cuddy and maybe Stacy

iluetheline: I mean, as the song says "if you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends"

Tags: csi, csi:ny, fic, house, i_heart_cuddy
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