October 29th, 2010

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It's Not THAT Complicated
Coco // madampresident

pairing Miranda Priestly/Jane Adler
rating R
disclaimers 1 I do not own anything even remotely Meryl related. Alright, that's a lie, I do own three autographed Meryl pictures and a whole lot of Meryl DVDs. I do not, however, own the rights to these movies so this is just for fun and not affiliated with anything official, nor do I pretend to be.
disclaimer 2 Meryl/Meryl ahead
spoilers? let's assume reading this COULD spoil both Devil Wears Prada and It's Complicated.
summary When it came time to decide on a university both Priestly twins wanted to move to the west coast and become sunkissed California girls. Miranda stayed behind in New York but found that she was no longer as interested in running Runway. She'd felt that her reign was over and that she wanted to move on. Without the ties of friends or family in New York -- and with some encouragement from the girls -- she packed up and moved to California. It was in California that she met Jane Adler.

AN I'm doing this a little different than I usually do. This is going to be two parts. Give me around a week for the second installment (which will feature Andy!) ♥ thanks for the rousing show of enthusiasm for the prologue, I had a great time writing this and I hope everyone enjoys it.

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