January 11th, 2010

[ Misc ] Intelligent Slut

Ra ra a a a roma roma ma gaga ooh la la

I want your loving,
I want your revenge;

LADY GAGA IS THE STRANGEST HUMAN BEING ALIVE. I seriously don't think anyone could top her. I've met some seriously strange people. But honestly! I'm really obsessed with Bad Romance, I'd avoided it for a while but now I'm all about it. Also Poker Face -- I used to hate it, but I love it now.

You and me could write a bad romance;

The girlfriend and I are looking into getting a dog! AND THE CROWD GOES WILD! We got the go ahead from the landlord but we're still kind of unsure about whether or not it's the best idea in the world. We have a lot of time because her schedule has her working three days a week and mine has be working/schooling three days a week and they only overlap on one day. But on the one hand maybe we should be more financially stable first? She'll probably never be that financially stable because she's a professional artist. But I plan to be eventually. So help me, I haven't abandoned the capitalistic, western greed of wanting to make enough money to "live comfortably." WHATEVER THE HELL THAT MEANS! (Like I'm not comfortable now? Ok, I don't have internet. I have a coffee shop around the corner that's open 6:30am-12:00am. I don't have cable. But I do have the link to sidereel.com from which to watch it. I still go shopping when I feel like it. So, what does living comfortably mean? I pay my rent, I buy my food and I fall asleep every night in a queen sized bed wrapped up in my beautiful girlfriend. If that's not comfortable, fuck comfortable.) </rant>

you're a criminal as long as your mine.

I'm currently writing Priestly's Piece of Paradise and hopefully I will make the table and icons and stuff to go with my ficmix. WOO.