November 7th, 2009

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I went to my girlfriend's art opening last night. It was really nice. I gave her distance though so that she could talk to everyone about her art and I would just be there for moral support. I talked to some of the art grad students and some of the women that my girlfriend works with (the gallery is at a frame store which is where my girlfriend works) and it was a lot of fun. But my feet were starting to hurt because I was wearing 3-4 inch heels, like usual, because I'm short and I like to over compensate (pretend that had been one word).

One of the grad students came back to our apartment and we looked at my drawings and I got a little critique. Erin asked me this morning if I minded that Alan (the grad) had critiqued me because she said that she wouldn't have been that enthused if she'd just shown some work casually in her own home, but I used to go to a figure drawing session with him and I often asked his opinion so I didn't mind at all the critique. Also, I think that maybe just that short talk with him may have been more helpful than my drawing class this semester has been because my teacher employs absentee teaching, which has worked very well up until recently. He's been telling me that I've achieved the idea of representation and really start to push myself and I think he's disappointed that I'm not moving into that so willingly, but I need him to stand behind me and make me do it if he thinks I should because it's not so easy to just say to do it. It's difficult.

I was telling one of the women that Erin works with (who is an artist/illustrator and who paints on Converse Chucks which are really cool) --I was telling her about my Meryl Streep shirt and she was saying that I should send one to Meryl. I hadn't ever thought about sending Meryl a shirt. I had thought of sending a drawing though.