September 17th, 2009

[ Misc ] Intelligent Slut

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I have the sweetest most loving girlfriend ever. I had a nauseating migraine when I woke up this morning and was kind of laid up so she got me a cold washcloth for my forehead, cuddled me until she had to go and she even made my lunch for me. I just feel so incredibly lucky and loved and completely head over heels in love. </mush>

As a thank you for all of that I'm going to make waffles while she's out on her run (I hope she goes for her run! She didn't this morning... it just won't be a surprise if she doesn't leave and come back! LOL)

Oh and for those of you who remember my post about the crisis I was having about maybe not being invited to the party/wedding it turns out I totally am. Like, her mother had called her and left her a message and said, "just calling to see if you and [Coco] are coming down for the luncheon so I know how many guests we have." So the party is one hurdle I'm over ;) her brother's girlfriend is extremely chic and so my plan is show up equally chic-ly and win her favor and so she can't possibly imagine my girlfriend coming to the wedding and not bringing me. (because her brother already knows about me, because he invited her down for Thanksgiving last year and she sucked it up and said "actually, I'm having Thanksgiving at my girlfriend's house, but thank you." <--very proud of her)

But yeah, I'm really good at getting along with everyone (partly because I'm a gemini, partly because I'm good at reading people, partly because I used to be a psych major) so I think that I'll be able to endear myself to the rest of my girlfriend's family.