September 6th, 2009

[ Misc ] Intelligent Slut

know what I mean?

My landlord is fail.

My girlfriend and I moved into the new apartment on Sunday, August 30th and the landlord knew there were two of us and he only brought us one set of keys. He said that our apartment door key is duplicatable but he was going to change the locks so obviously it would be pointless to copy them right now. And the key to the front door is not duplicatable. He said he would bring me a key to the front door, bring us a copy of the lease agreement and change the locks at 5o'clock on MONDAY the 31st. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday went by without any sign of him. I called on Friday and left a really passive aggressive message (BECAUSE HE NEVER ACTUALLY PICKS UP HIS PHONE) and he called my girlfriend back because he can't figure out whose phone is whose... which was good because I would have gotten angry at him and he was apparently all defensive like "I TRIED all week and couldn't make it." What the fuck does that mean? He clearly didn't try very hard. It is his fucking job. He is a landlord, he doesn't have a 9 to 5 job and also landlords, he IS A LANDLORD, that is his job. But anyway, he told my girlfriend that he would bring it that evening, on Friday, and just slip it under the door if we weren't there. It is now Sunday. We can scarcely do anything without the other because of the key situation which isn't bad because... I love her and stuff, but during the day when I'm at school she has the key and she has to be there when I get home, it's just inconvenient. And we can't get library cards because of not having a copy of the lease agreement.

I am really pissed.

Also, I don't have internet in my apartment. Nor did I bring my DVDs and VCR. But our apartment is otherwise completely and totally awesome and I will def post pictures later! (Later, like tomorrow because I don't have internet... maybe later today though)