August 1st, 2009

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I think I have to bite the bullet and go up another bra cup size. What the fuck, d cup? I'm probably like a C and a half but it's just getting ridiculous, none of my bras fit me very well and it's really obnoxious.

In other, but still clothing related, news! I made a Meryl Streep stencil to make a shirt so I can be really geeky and wear a Streep Tee when I go to Julie & Julia.

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When I actually make the shirt I'll post it, but I'm putting it off a little bit because I have a shitton of things to do before August 4th so I'll probably do it after. But before the seventh, obviously, because I want to go the day it opens to contribute to the opening weekend statistics.

I foresee really good things for Julie & Julia because Meryl Streep and Amy Adams are really great actresses and even though they're technically not acting together their onscreen presenses are still intertwined and I think that will be awesome. Also, I think it's got a lot of appeal to a lot of different demographics.

My film studies friends may disagree with me ;) but I'm psyched anyway!