July 19th, 2009

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I've officially been babysitting for 24 hours. It has been a wild ride. First, Hudson (the boy I'm actually babysitting)'s friend came over, the friend whose father has recently, accidentally, hit him with a truck. That was okay, because it didn't require me to do anything.

Then, his friend got to go to see Hudson's dad play in his band and Hudson couldn't and he threw a tantrum and holed himself up in the bathroom and cried for 15-30 minutes. Then came out and got over it. How quickly they rebound. He was actually good for the rest of the night, he went to bed when I asked him to, he had difficulty falling asleep but he was really good about it. Then he woke up at like 9:30 and he played quietly and I slept until he told me he was hungry.

Then we started a movie and his friends came over to play and we all went outside and then I was going to go back INSIDE... and I discovered I'd locked myself out. I had been given a key but it and my cell phone were inside, I hadn't expected the door to be locked because I hadn't locked it personally, so I thought it was open. Then the fathers of the kids and an aunt came over to help and we finally got the air conditioning out of the window and put the aunt through it and she unlocked the door for me.

And all the while my head IS FUCKING KILLING ME because it had been over 12 hours since I'd had coffee and my caffeine addicted bloodstream isn't that forgiving.

Then one of the kids' dads who'd helped me get back in asked if I could watch his kid while he ran an errand. And I said yes, he's a good kid and it saves me from having to actually entertain Hudson. Plus, he was recently hit by a truck and I find it difficult to say no to people who have recently suffered head trauma (except Laura).

So then there were four kids in the house, Hudson (7), Cody (10), Callina (6) & Malika (9) and one of them pointed out that the refrigerator had a painting of a naked woman (from the back) on it and they started going on about it and Hudson revealed that there was a magnet of a naked woman (also a piece of art) and even the 10 year-old boy was like "Hudson, that's gross! Cover that back up! That's gross." I wanted to be like, "just you wait a couple of years..." and one of the girls was like "what kind of girl would let herself get photographed naked?" and... as someone who gets naked for money (for art...) I didn't want to condemn it or validate it (because the girls were so young and one of them would be bound to run across the street and tell their dad I said getting photographed naked was okay...) I remained silent.

It's 4:30 and I haven't eaten today. And oddly enough, I don't feel hungry.