July 13th, 2009

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So hypocrisy drives me batshit. I'm watching Boston Legal and the client is a cross dresser who was fired (from being a department store Santa) because of it. And I was just thinking that it sucks so hard that men are given no leeway. Like, a woman wears men's clothes and she's a tomboy (it hardly even raises questions about her sexuality!) and a man wears women's clothing and he's considered sick, gay and/or a fetishist.

That sucks so much. I want men and women to have the exact rights and respect and that includes men being able to dress however they want to without being judged negatively and discriminated against. I want a man to be able to cry when he's sad and not be called weak. Hell, I want that for women too, women are allowed to cry because they're already considered weak. I would like the people who try to belittle others by mocking their personality, sexuality, clothing preferences, emotions because of misplaced and misguided ideas about masculinity and femininity as a be all end all/complete polar opposites (not to mention the idea that there is, and can be, only two poles).

I would also, just for the record, like to say that this episode described cross-dressing as a fetish. And a fetish is defined as something from which sexual pleasure is derived and I think it might actually be that sexual pleasure can ONLY be derived from the fetish. To the argument that cross dressing is a fetish, I say that I feel uncomfortable wearing turtle necks, I very much prefer to wear things that come no where near my neck because I am much more comfortable and I derive no sexual pleasure from wearing my shirts as such. There is no difference between my wearing low necklines and a man choosing to wear women's clothing.