January 20th, 2009


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So a couple of UPDATES:
  1. My computer has a trojan and I have to get that fixed... but I'm petrified that the computer people will reformat my harddrive. I will lose my graphics program... and the pictures that I've taken... my icons are safe because they're on my photobucket, along with my manips. But I want to grab two of my unfinished stories. (the fourth part in the trilogy mostly + and oh, two Stacy/Cuddys actually) but my virus software is really really preventing me from doing anything because it's warning me every few moments. It's taking up so much RAM that Task Manager stopped responding!

  2. FIRST DAY BACK TO CLASSES OH MY GOD, FREAK OUT MUCH? My last semester with Erin before she graduates, and I guess she's still unsure of exactly what she's doing. So I'm unsure. I need to know if she's going to stay before February if she wants me to live with her though

  3. DREAM: I had a dream that had Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein in it, they were the actors but their personalities were like the characters. Like Hugh harassed Lisa and everything. And like they were going to an Awards' Show. And Lisa had someone who was drunk, like she needed to drop her off somewhere or take her somewhere or just deal with it and it was a big deal that no one know Lisa Edelstein had a drunk person in the back of her car. And I saw her through the window and I called her and I was like, "hey, if you wait a minute I'll go with you." (also we were dating) and she said something akin to "we both know you'll just fuck me over." and I was really mad and also I didn't have a dress for the ceremony because Audrey and I were going to go anyway. But we decided to hang back and sulk and eat snacks. And when Lisa came back she was all apologetic and obviously I was going to cave but I was trying to stay mad. And then I woke up.


EDIT: I JUST HAD A THOUGHT! I could run the computer in safe mode to pull those files that I want and not have to worry! Hopefully...