August 26th, 2008

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So I just dealt with one of my loans and I was ready to have a heart attack because I was upset about... everything. About money and stuff. It all just really sucks.

But I got on the phone with the loan company because I was having issue and the woman was so nice and it was so comforting to listen to a woman with a hint of a southern twang telling me all my loan things would be alright. Lol.

I'm on the ASPCA mailing list and I just got this thing about almost 1,000 puppy mill victims rescued and I want to watch the video but I just can't because even thinking about puppy mills makes me cry. I feel like I want to write to my senators about making animal rights/environmental issues a bigger priority. It's just that the environment and animals are huge parts of our ability to survive on this planet and we take advantage of them so much, like they owe it to us when really we completely owe them.

I really can't watch this video.
[ Misc ] Intelligent Slut

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Maya: I stayed at Elliot's last night and I had to go home and change.
Nina: Might I suggest going home at lunch and giving it another try?
Maya: You gave me this!
Nina: I was extremely mad at you this Christmas.

Nina: Did I mention I bought a dolphin? It's in a tank in New Jersey.

Did I mention that Wendie Malick (Nina) is one of my heroes?

Maya: Before I understood what my dad did I used to imagine he was a blacksmith, hammering metal, fitting shoes for horses.
Nina: But instead he's a millionaire. Boohoo for you, back to me.

Nina: Oil as in vroom vroom make the cars go?

Nina's Longlost Dad: You must have a lot of questions. Like why we gave you up and why it took us so long to track you down.
Nina: Can I have a pony?