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Countess Von Fingerbang
17 June 2008 @ 07:28 pm
So! I was sick today! I had a weekend of getting up early. So I went to bed early yesterday night (11:30 lol) and got up at 9:30 and my head hurt wicked - which happens when I sleep too much.

So I was thinking that I would make myself coffee and take some ibuprofen. But I was feeling sick and I would need to eat to take ibuprofen. And then I threw up, I was so mad. And I finally ate for the first time all day at 6:30 (my mama made me eggs & toast)

But anyway, I'm super glad that some of my prompts for cuddy_fest have already been claimed! And I totally can't wait to see how they play out :D But there were also a couple of prompts I submitted that didn't get put up. Granted, they were a little cracky but there were others that were way crackier! Whatever. I'm over it. - nevermind, I fail and they are there ♥

I need to upload some more icons...