April 29th, 2008

[ Misc ] Intelligent Slut

Injustice! awful injustice!

So on one of my yahoo groups there's some drama because someone made a site that's supposed to be inclusive but completely disallowed the inclusion of slash. So one person said, "hey, I think that's wrong of you to do considering we're supposed to be united here. You should include slash." <--that's a paraphrase but she never called the first woman a hater of gay people, just homophobic.

And so the person who spoke up made a completely all inclusive site that allows slash. High road, right? She didn't ask her to change her site, she did NOT "drag her name through the mud" as the woman complained.

Now on the original website there is a loooooooooong “I AM NOT HOMOPHOBIC… I’M JUST CHRISTIAN AND SCARED OF GAY PEOPLE.” welcome message. That whole thing is really insulting. And it also drives me up the wall because she didn’t say that she hated gay people. Homophobia does not inherantly imply hatred. I think she needs a dictionary. The whole thing is really an insult to tolerance even though she’s accusing anyone who is offended by her exclusion of slash of intolerance. She is so mad. It’s kind of funny in a totally awful way.

She said, and I quote: “I'm sick and tired of hearing people talk about love and tolerance, and yet failing to practice those two things when it comes to people who have different beliefs than they do!” we’re supposed to be like, “oh, you think I’m going to hell, but that’s okay.” Who says people have to tolerate and love intolerance? She has completely martyred herself. “No one deserves to be treated this way.” She needs to climb down off her cross.

It’s totally laughable and oh-so-completely-intolerant-Christian. Because you know, straight white Christians are really persecuted in this country... we should all cut her some slack and love her for her exclusive, stifled, misguided "moral" view of people who are different than her.

To me the issue would be no different if she disallowed someone of a different religion onto her website. It is totally not alright to start a WIKI, something that public, in a FANDOM and invite people to join but exclude probably a quarter of the people.

Another quote I found particularly offensive was... oh that's funny. I went back to get the quote and she'd changed the disclaimer... The quote was like "we're supposedly living in a progressive society but I'm being persecuted for this?" and also there was a quote from one of her friends like, "I'm fine with gay people having a relationship but that doesn't mean I have to acknowledge it." oh blah blah blah.

It's people like her who are the reason why there's still only partial equality. Because they can't look past their own bigoted beliefs to realize that gay people should have all the same rights and privileges as they do.

To quote Olauduah Equiano, "oh ye nominal Christians" People who claim to have moral values are usual moral in name only. And also another fitting quote, William Apess (a native American before the Cherokee Removal) ""while these very same unfeeling, self-esteemed characters pretend to take the skin as a pretext to keep us from our unalienable and lawful rights? I would ask you if you would like to be disenfranchised from all your rights, merely because your skin is white, and for no other crime. I'll venture to say, these characters who hold the skin to be such a barrier in the way would be the first to cry out, "Injustice! awful Injustice!"

The argument is the same. Discrimination is wrong. Be it based on religion, skin color, gender, sexuality, age it is always wrong.

And I am under no obligation to tolerate or love people who don't think that everyone is entitled to the same privileges for any reason.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm really pissed off at that person right now.