March 21st, 2008

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ALSO 3 Wallpapers:
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I was thinking about a story where Catherine was a 4400 and since I needed to make myself a new layout (and ended up with 3?) I decided to make this. But also, I don't know what I'd like her ability to be... probably something that would help her out as a CSI. I was thinking of these:

  • Ability to run wicked fast - like to chase down bad guys or whatever. I know that's not exactly part of her job description but I like the mental image I have of her darting down the street and tackling a perp... maybe she'd make the leap from CSI to Detective like Sofia...

  • Super strength - I have a mental image of her scaring Lindsey because of accidentally hurting her, not badly and obv. she'd feel extremely bad about it...

  • Something like premonition, not like knowing the future (like Maia) but just like being able to look at the whole puzzle and just know all the missing pieces. Which would be the most helpful to her CSI but maybe it would be better if her ability made being a CSI hard...


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Because obviously Cuddy set up the DVR to record The 4400 religiously.

I'd try to think up an ability for Cuddy but... you know, I'm going to deal with one 4400 crossovery story at a time. Also, I chose Catherine because Catherine has a daughter and that would be more interesting drama. Also CSI started in 2001 and House started in 2004, the 4400 started in 2004 I'm thinking I wanted to take Catherine, like pre-Lady Heather's Box so she doesn't know that Eddie died.


And just because these hats are fucktarded. Like seriously, what the fuck was wardrobe THINKING?!
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I mean... Grissom's kind of grew on me, but there is absolutely no forgiving Catherine's. At all.

SO! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
[ Misc ] Intelligent Slut

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