March 11th, 2008

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So I lost two pairs of sunglasses in... a span of four days. I just remembered that I think I have one pair hidden away, because I kind of stockpile them because I keep losing them (or a dog eats them at work..) so I decided to just go online and buy a whole bunch at wholesale. I'm going to put them on here to bookmark but also get your opinions.

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Pair One (I like the black)

Pair Two (in black)

Pair Three (in black)

Pair Four (black... I think these are actually my favorite so far, they're closest to the style I normally wear)

Pair Five

(I realize that with the wholesale lots I get all the colors but I can't really imagine me in light colored frames, even the red ones which aren't exactly light, but they aren't black or brown... I wish I could find one where I can order them all in the same color... I might keep looking, I also checked eBay but figured an actually wholesale business would be cheaper and more reliable, also shipping would be better)

&hearts&hearts&hearts♥ Coco

(and no I is not doing french homeworks)
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