February 26th, 2008


(no subject)

Audrey: *singing* where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing...
Coco: Who sings that?
Audrey: Anyone who wants to. It's from the 60s.

Coco: It's a cute picture of them, really, if you ignore the glowing off-centre jesus.

Audrey: Look, you get to interrupt my work with your random thoughts, I get to interrupt your random thoughts with even more random thoughts! Now we'll never know if I get Salt and Vinegar potato chips!
Coco: Do you want salt and vinegar potato chips?
Audrey: ...I kind of do.
Coco: They have them in the vending machine...

Coco: I know this is completely fucktarded, but I just thought of this and had to say it...
Audrey: I love conversations that start out like that.
Coco: You know how you don't have enough iron in your blood and I think I have too much?
Audrey: Like you cut yourself and you just find shavings of iron? You pass big magnets and are pulled to them?
Coco: ...like my blood tastes really iron-y?
Audrey: ...yeah
Coco: If we had the same blood type we could do that thing where the blood filters through each of us and just combine them.

Coco: I got into the elevator the other day....... actually it was yesterday.
Audrey: *facepalm*
Coco: And the lights were all out and I was like "this is ominous and unencouraging." and then the guy who was behind me was like, "oh that happens." and reached up and turned on some of the lights. I was like *drawn out expression of awe*
Audrey: And to think, the lore will die with him.