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What happens in Vegas...
Author: Coco
Rating: R
Pairing: Catherine Willows/Lisa Cuddy (Which I have called THUD Because it’s Cath+Cuddy)
Disclaimer: I don’t own CSI or House :( and I make no money off of this. And this is femmeslash.
Summary: Catherine and Cuddy have a chance meeting in Las Vegas and romance lust ensues.
Author’s note: This is sort of an experimental formula for a fic. If it’s been done before (other than the movie Memento, Jorja fans, you know what I’m talking about, right?) I haven’t seen it, so it’s relatively original to me. :) so I hope you like it! (and don’t let the crackish pairing throw you off! Haha)

"Well, well," House grinned, "I tell you to take in a show and you take home a stripper."

Cuddy glared at House, the red mark of embarrassment still coloring her cheeks.

The sheet was pushed back and Catherine's silky blonde tresses came into view, "I resent that!"

Wilson appeared next to House in the doorway, "if we don't get to the airport pretty soon we'll- ho ho!"

"A little privacy, please?" Cuddy demanded.


When she came it was in a blinding flash of light and electricity seemed to shoot through to every extremity.

Cuddy could feel herself screaming out in pleasure but no sound reached her ears. She clung desperately to Catherine who had moved up her body to suck on Cuddy’s pulse point.

Even after she’d come down from her orgasm her breathing was ragged and shallow.


Cuddy groaned softly against her mouth as Catherine pushed her back into the door. The brass doorknob pressed unapolagetically into the base of her spine and Cuddy gasped softly.

Catherine pulled her away from the door and turned them around, backing them towards the bed.

Cuddy enjoyed all the power that came with her position as Dean. Her authority was her favorite accessory. But when it came to matters of a sexual nature, she liked nothing better than to relinquish her power and Catherine was breathtakingly dominant. Her hands were firm but understanding. It was obvious that she cared and would never hurt Cuddy.

….not that Cuddy minded a little pain here and there….


Every touch from Catherine seemed to set Cuddy on fire.

Even the innocent touches at the bar had set her ablaze. By the time they were in the elevator she knew she needed to be with Catherine. If only for tonight. Though as the elevator dinged and climbed the hotel floors, Catherine’s hands roaming appreciatively over Cuddy’s thighs and ass, she entertained the idea of being with Catherine forever.

The elevator doors opened silently, a blast of cold AC hitting them, they exited, making their way towards the room.

Catherine’s shirt was completely untucked from her pants and Cuddy’s was wide open, exposing her black bra with the pink bow in the middle.

As the cool air stung her skin she imagined growing old with Catherine, laying in bed with her as old ladies and recalling all the wonderful details of their life together.


Catherine laid her hand on Cuddy’s arm and smiled. Cuddy blushed modestly and smiled back. She sipped her fruity alcohol and felt a warm tingling in her head.

But she wasn’t drunk. Not off alcohol anyway.

“So what’s the final verdict? Are you as glad as I am that you asked me to have a drink with you?”

Cuddy looked back up at Catherine’s smile and felt a smile spread across her own features before pressing her lips to Catherine’s.

Catherine was surprised but took to the idea rather quickly. She cupped the back of her head, deepening the kiss as she pulled her closer. The kiss ended with two heaving chests, each trying to regain their composure.

“Come up to my room with me.” Cuddy whispered.


“What brings you to Vegas? You don’t seem like the gambling type.”

“I’m not. I’m here for a confernce, actually.”

“Oh yeah?” Catherine smiled, “let me think. There are three conferences in town right now… you don’t seem like the comicon type.”

Cuddy smiled, “no, I’m not.”

“So that leaves the Mensa meeting and the medical convention. And I’m going to say you’re here for the medical convention.”

“Final answer?” Cuddy teased.

“Beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

“Don’t think I’m smart enough for Mensa?” Cuddy laughed.

“Actually, you have a pamphlet for the medical convention sticking out of your purse.”

Cuddy blushed.


“I’ve never done this… I mean, I’ve only bought a couple of celebratory rounds after graduation and stuff… but I’ve never… really… I’ve never done, well, anything with a woman.” She admitted sheepishly.

Catherine smiled, “what made you decide to try something so new?”

“Well, I’m in Vegas and… the worst you could have done was say no, right?”

Catherine smiled and Cuddy smiled shyly. And all of a sudden Cuddy was sixteen years old again. The world was new and exciting and anything was possible.


“Woman down there wants to buy you your next drink.” The bartender leaned in close to Catherine to be heard over the music.

Catherine flicked her strawberry blonde waves over her shoulder to look down the bar to see the woman in question.

Cuddy smiled back at her from the other end of the bar. Catherine returned the smile, giving a little wave.

Cuddy gestured to an empty table and Catherine nodded, picking up her drink and joining Cuddy at the table.

“I’m Lisa.” Cuddy announced over the soft melodramatic notes of the acoustic guitar.


“You and Wilson are going to comicon?! You’ve got to be kidding me!” Cuddy rolled her eyes. “If you tell me you’re going as Batman and Robin I’m going back to Jersey without you.”

“No! We’re going as Mr. Freeze and the Joker. We have a catsuit if you want to come as Catwoman.” He grinned.

She glared at him humorlessly. “You two better be ready to go tomorrow at noon.”

“Jeez Cuddy, get the stick out of your ass and enjoy yourself.” House rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you take in a show?”


EDIT: There is also an accompanying video!!!!

This is a page that has freeware for converting various files to .mp4

And this is the video hosted at SendSpace, feel free to download
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