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Fic Help? ♥

Ok, so I claimed a prompt from get_house_laid that was: "WWII House is a wounded soldier and Cuddy is a jew in hiding -- MAKE ME CRY"

And I just realized... shit... I don't know how I'm really going to do this... so I thought of a little bit that might be sad, I would love an opinion on this:

(This would be after he stumbled upon where she is, I was thinking maybe an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere and his regiment left him because they thought he was dead... she graciously allowed him in and did her best to dress his wound with what little they had available and now it's nighttime and they're trying to sleep...)

"Would you shut up?" Her eyes popped open again at the sound of his irritated voice, spouting out something about his leg.

"I'm in pain! My buddy got blown up by a grenade, killing another friend of mine and wounding me! I've completely lost my regiment, I am so fucked!"

"You want to know pain?" She sat up and turned to stare at him. The nazis came to my village and rounded up my entire family. We were minding our own business, we meant no harm to anyone, my father was a doctor, my mother a nurse! They rounded us all up and meant to put us in a big truck and one of the men took me by the chin,"

She demonstrated by grabbing House's chin and lifting his face to look her in the eyes. "And he said to me," her voice had lowered and she sounded a little calmer, "'ash gray eyes. How poetic?' and my father hit him and in the struggle told me to run. I took off but I turned back as the men were beating my father and my mother was cry and all the while he was still telling me to run. And I did. I ran until I was exhausted and couldn't run anymore but I had to and I did. I wore out my shoes after the first couple miles and finally I found this place. I have nowhere to go and I know that the nazis are still out there and they mean to find me and probably kill me just because I don't fit their idea of perfection."

Tears were streaming down her cheeks. "You're alive and your family is safe and sound back in America. Can't you just shut up and be grateful for what you do have?" She asked but laid back down, meaning for the question to be rhetorical. She shut her eyes and tried to calm her tears.

"Lisa, I'm sorry." House said softly after a long stunned silence.

"Don't you have some shutting up to do?" She sniffled and wiped her eyes.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close, burying his face in her hair. She didn't pull away, she just leaned back against him and fell asleep.

So... how did I do? (I think I'm going to cross-post to house_cuddy)
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