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Countess Von Fingerbang

Soulmates | Original Fiction

Title: Soulmates
Fandom: Original Fiction
Pairings: N/A
Warnings: violence
Word Count: 250+
Author's Note: This is the climax of my third book in a series of murder mysteries

Detta pushed the knife into Gillian’s hand, wrapping her fingers around it and bringing it up to her own jugular. “One deep slash to the carotid. End this.”

“You’re fucking insane.” Gillian spat.

“I’m the reason Owen became a killer.” Detta whispered.

“Don’t flatter yourself. He was a psychopath.”

“He was a sociopath at best. I knew it the moment I met him… he was ripe for the picking… he was putty in my hands… he needed a woman in his life who accepted him. I groomed him to kill. He was doing my work.” Detta’s words were unnervingly calm. “If I hadn’t him your son would be alive.”

Gillian tried to pull her hand away but Detta held tighter. “This is our destiny, Gillian.”

“I can’t.” Gillian ground out through gritted teeth.

“Can’t or won’t?”

“What’s the difference?” Gillian demanded, feeling her muscles trembling.

“Can’t means that your conscience won’t allow it. Won’t means that you don’t want to risk going to prison.”

“Is that so wrong?” Gillian grit her teeth, feeling her eyes welling up. “Stop this.”

“It’s self-defense, my love.” Detta stroked Gillian’s hair with her free hand. Gillian didn’t bother to pull away this time. “I’ve got you bound to a chair in my apartment. I have trophies from my kills. I have the murder weapon. I have the poison I used to kill Nate. You freed a hand and grabbed the knife. This is open and shut self-defense.”

“I came here alone. People will say I did it on purpose. That I wanted to be in this situation. To take the law into my own hands again.”

“Did you?” Detta grinned.

“Yes.” Gillian sobbed. “Jesus. Fuck. Once was temporary insanity from grief. Twice is fucking murder. Pre-meditated murder. Murder in the first. I’d never see the light of day again.”

“Oh, I’m sure they allow even murderers time in the yard – legally obligated, I believe.”

Gillian growled in frustration, trying to pull the knife away again and, again, Detta held fast.

“Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

Gillian screamed and Detta laughed. “Do you know how much money I pay to have a completely soundproof apartment in New York City?”

“Let me go or kill me but I’m not going to kill you.” Gillian snarled. “I can’t and I won’t.”

“You know, while I had advised against it, I have to give Owen style points for killing your Brian. And if he hadn’t I never would have seen you for the ruthless killer that you are. Is it because I want you to do it?”

“Shut up.”

“Do you need me to be scared?” Detta feigned a look of fear, which quickly faded back to a grin. “That look of fear really is intoxicating.”


“That moment someone realizes that their life is about to come to an end.” Detta let out a shaky breath. She wetted her lips. “I’d’ve given everything I own to have seen that look on Owen’s face when he realized that you were about to kill him.”

“Shut up!” Gillian begged angrily.

“Did you pull the trigger immediately or did you savor that look… of panic. Terror.” She watched Gillian’s face with heavily lidded eyes. “Did you make him beg for his life?” The question came out as a breathy whisper, dripping with barely contained arousal.

Gillian slammed her forehead into Detta’s. Detta jerked back in shock, dropping the knife in the process and it skidded across the marble floor. Gillian threw her whole weight toward the other woman, toppling them both.

Detta groaned; Gillian’s heart thudded, the adrenaline raging through her body, her breath coming out in shallow heaves. She kicked her legs and tried to rip at the duct tape that bound her other arm. She thrashed, throwing her weight as much as she could while still bound to a chair, finally the wood began to splinter.

“There’s that fire that I love.” Detta purred.

Gillian lashed out with her freehand and Detta grinned and laughed. Gillian rolled onto her side, yanking up so hard that the duct tape bit into her skin but the arm of the chair came loose.

Detta started to get to her knees and Gillian grabbed at her legs. Her fingernails dug hard into Detta’s leg but she easily slid out of the grasp. In her disadvantaged position, Gillian did the one thing she could.

Gillian’s teeth sank into Detta’s calf. Gillian’s mouth filled with blood and Detta howled. “Oh, Gillian, you sadist.” She cackled. Her bravado was cut with a whimper of pain. “And here I was beginning to think you didn’t care.”

Detta rolled onto her back. Gillian dragged the chair with her as she hovered over the prone woman, the back of the chair pressing her down.

“My safe word is peaches.” Detta bit her lip, batting long eyelashes at Gillian.

Gillian grabbed her by the shoulders, dragging her up and then slamming her head against the floor. “We are not soulmates.” Gillian yelled and slammed her head down again, “I am not playing your game anymore.
“Go to hell!” She slammed her head down one more time.

Detta’s vision blackened. Her whole body tingled, warmth spreading to every extremity. “I love you.” She whispered weakly as everything else faded away.

The next thing Detta perceived was a bright light. And then beeping. And then people talking. She blinked and furrowed her brow, jerking her head to either side. Her blood boiled. “No!” She gasped. She attempted to sit up and found herself bound to the bed with a pair of handcuffs. “No!” She screamed, thrashing.
A young nurse started forward and another nurse stopped her.

Detta continued, kicking her legs and cursing and pulling until her wrist was raw from the cuffs. “Gillian!” She shrieked. She arched her back and screamed again. “Gillian!”

“That’s enough.” A nurse rolled her eyes, stepping up to the bed. “Why don’t we try calming down, hmm?”
“Don’t you touch me.” Detta snarled.

The nurse pressed the button, administering more morphine and Detta’s thrashing slowed and finally stopped and her head lolled to the side.
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