Countess Von Fingerbang (madampresident) wrote,
Countess Von Fingerbang

Dear Creator,

  • Typically I tend to prefer pre-relationship but I'm not opposed to established relationship
  • AU in fairytale land - how do they meet? how do they fall in love? how do they keep their relationship a secret? or do they not bother?

  • Possibly something set on the Jolly Roger, like if the voyage to Neverland lasted longer and they were stuck in close quarters and forced to deal with their feelings - Bonus if it bothers the Charmings
  • Something where Emma stands up for Regina when everyone else is against her

  • I like established triples, like how they make it work and how other people react to it or how it changes the dynamics between the women
  • pretty much anything, I love OT3s

  • Fairytale land - if Regina met Ruby before she became "evil" sort of like if she met her around the time she met Tink or if Tink showed her Ruby in the tavern
  • Storybrooke before the curse is broken and does anything change between them when Emma shows up?

Things I don't like/don't want...
  • first and foremost I love Regina and I don't like it when people are really mean to her
  • for emma/regina I would prefer a fic based on their relationship and not focused mainly on them being with Henry - which isn't to say that I don't mind him being part of the story just not focused on him
  • I would prefer something written in the third person and not first person HOWEVER I'm good with things written from one character's pov, like third person limited or omniscient are both good as gold
  • character death or illness
  • I don't like really heavy angst but I don't want anything too fluffy. Like, I like conflict but I don't like it to take too long to resolve
  • i don't like feet... so, not that i've seen feet mentioned in fic in a sexual way very often but that's... that's one of my things...

If you have any questions anonymous commenting on this post is enabled
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