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just a thing for tvdramaland

Name: Coco
Age: 25
Ensemble: Family

1. If you could date any one character from the list above, in the enchanted forest, who would it be and why? Regina! I like my women with confidence and a devilish smirk, women with ambition and gusto. Obviously she doesn't always make the best decisions but she's a good person underneath it all.

2. If you could change one thing about Once Upon A Time, what would you change and why? I wouldn't have killed off Cora. I liked her so much.

3. If you could have any magical power, what would it be and why? I would shapeshift! I love the idea of being able to see things from another perspective and experiencing things in a different way.

4. If magic/magicks really did exist in our world, do you think it would come with consequences/prices, why or why not? I think everything comes with unforeseen consequences. It's just like the Butterfly Effect (the effect not the movie) or the story of the British soldier saving Hitler in WWI. Everything, including magic, can have unforeseen consequences.

5. Tell us about a time when your anger caused you to be destructive. What did you damage? Why do you think you were you destructive? Heh. I have a tendency to lash out when I get really angry - and my job makes me really angry - and one time I pounded my fist against my desk several times even though it hurt to do it. It certainly hurt me far more than it hurt the desk, I didn't break anything but it was tender for about a week. I think it's a combination of it's therapeutic to have control over something, like breaking a branch against a tree and in the case of hitting my desk I think it was easier to focus on my hand than what was actually upsetting me.

6. Do you have desires that are silly or childish? What are they? Would/do you act on these wishes/desires?

7. If you had to be either deaf, mute or blind, which would you choose and why? Which do you suppose would be the worst situation for you and why? I would rather be mute. It would be very hard for me to be blind because so many of the things I love are visual. I love seeing my girlfriend and my pets; I love watching tv and reading and writing. I actually talk a lot so I think people who know me would be surprised to hear that I'd pick muteness but I could always type and I also really love to hear people and animals that I love.

8. If you could live this life over again, what type of person would you try to be? Where would you reside? Would you make the same decisions this time? Why or why not? I'm actually pretty happy with who I am at the moment. I think the major things I would do differently would be work a little harder at university, finished my double major (I ended with one major and two minors), studied abroad. I would try to come out of university with experience/education that maybe would get me a better job or maybe I wouldn't settle for the job I have now if I had it to do over again because this job is sucking the life out of me. I would live in New York City or Quebec if I could just choose and getting there and getting settled and getting a job wasn't a logistical nightmare.

9. What do you think are your top five worst qualities and why? I'm a little self-absorbed, I have a short temper. I can be a little judgmental. Without a push I can stagnate.

10. What do you think are your top five best qualities and why? I'm empathetic - even though I tend to be self-absorbed I really value my ability to see things from others' perspectives... I just don't always acknowledge it. I'm a very quick learner - I have a short attention span so being able to learn things quickly is a definite plus!

11. What do you look for in a friend? If you don't really have friends, why don't you? I mostly need someone to have a conversation with. I have a wide variety of interests and I can find something to talk about with pretty much everyone but if someone shares a lot then I'm probably going to be friends with them. I have a small handful of really good friends with whom I've been friends with since childhood but I work from home and I moved 8 states away so I haven't really made new friends irl in about two years?

12. Rate the following things in order from most important to least:
Friends, Family, Health, Knowledge, Wealth, Happiness, Faith, True Love, Purpose, Peace
Knowledge, Happiness, Peace, True Love, Purpose, Health, Family, Friends, Wealth, Faith
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