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For Challenge #18 at femslash_land (which everyone should join!).

Sharon Raydor (The Closer)
Age 56
Marital Status Divorced (Twice)
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Kids? Two (Adult Children)
Smoke? Non-smoker
Drink? Social Drinker
About Me I am a Captain with the LAPD and my busy schedule makes it difficult to get out and meet people. Some people might call me a cougar but I think it's a little undignified -- however true. I'm kind of a control freak so I'd need someone who was willing to defer to me from time to time. That being said I like my women to have a wild side, a rebellious streak, someone fiery and outspoken. If this sounds like you and you'd like to get to know more about me, please send me your social security number so that I can run a quick background check on you.
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Eleanor O'Hara (Nurse Jackie)
Age 49
Marital Status Single, Never Married
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Kids? None (THANK GOD)
Smoke? Yes
Drink? YES
About Me I'm very into my career and into my wardrobe and it's easy, sometimes, to forget that I can get my feelings hurt too. I've recently gotten out of a bad relationship. While I was very much in love I let it cloud my better judgment -- since then I've had a lot of meaningless relationships but I feel like it's time to be serious again. I recently purchased my first apartment and I enjoy going out for all of my meals and to bars and clubs. I am an ER doctor so my schedule can be a little demanding and whomever I'm with would need to be understanding of that.
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Myka Bering (Warehouse 13)
Age 29
Marital Status Single, Never Married
Sexual Orientation Bi-Curious
Kids? None
Smoke? Non-smoker
Drink? Social drinker
About Me I have a very demanding job that is also top secret so I can't go into any more detail than that. I do live in a small town that seems in the middle of nowhere... so it's hard to meet new people sometimes... I am interested in exploring my sexuality... I always considered myself straight and very self-aware, considering how well-read I am, but one very special woman has really opened my eyes to new possibilities. Unfortunately, these days she's disembodied so it's hard for me to pursue anything with her but I'd still like to explore these new feelings. So, if you don't have a problem with showing a girl the ropes and for a no-strings attached relationships.
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Annie Edison (Community)
Age 20
Marital Status Single, Never Married
Sexual Orientation Lesbian
Kids? Not yet ;)
Smoke? Never!
Drink? Occasionally but not really, dulls the senses
About Me I am currently enrolled in college and I have a very close group of friends. I've always considered myself straight but I've recently come to realize how immature boys/men can be and, intellectually, I think it would be better to be a lesbian. Especially considering all the technology we have these days, I could still have kids if I was with a woman so I don't really think I'd be losing much. I am Jewish but I'm really open to all religions, I'd like someone who is smart and who is also studious because I plan on spending a lot of time on my schoolwork and then I also plan on throwing myself totally into my career but it would be nice to come home to someone. I'm looking for someone with similar life goals as me who is serious about... pretty much everything.
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Kalinda Sharma/Leela (The Good Wife)
Age 25
Marital Status Single, Never Married
Sexual Orientation Polyamorous
Kids? None. Not desired.
Smoke? No
Drink? Who doesn't?
About Me I like remaining functionally unattached. I am gainfully employed and have been with the same firm for several years but I need to feel like I can up and leave whenever I need to so I'm not really looking for anything longterm. Preferably, the ideal person would work in a similar field so that if I need a favor you'll be a good future resource. I've recently been burned by having slept with a married person so I would be looking for someone who is completely unattached -- single or divorced, not separated. I like people with really strong personalities and with strong convictions are a must. Don't call me, I'll call you.
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