Countess Von Fingerbang (madampresident) wrote,
Countess Von Fingerbang

Writer's Block: Tobacco road

Would you want your city to outlaw smoking on public streets? Why or why not?

YES. Absolutely no doubt in my mind, yes. I am a libertarian and do totally believe in a person's right to do whatever they want to to their own bodies but by smoking in public you're subjecting unwitting persons to your pollution. If it affects others physically you shouldn't do it in public. Every city has laws about disturbing the peace and smoking shouldn't be considered any different. It bothers my peace every time I'm in public and I am exposed to other people's second smoke. That's not fair to people around you.

Taking away the right to smoke in public is not a violation of a smoker's civil liberties. If I'm waiting for a bus and the dude next to me is smoking I don't have any options, his smoking next to me is violating MY civil liberties. It takes away MY options.

Not to mention if you outlawed smoking in public places then public sidewalks and squares and parks wouldn't be littered with spent cigarette butts which is probably at least 30% of the refuse that needs to be cleared.

Honestly, I still don't understand why cigarette smoking is perfectly legal and, yet, marijuana is still illegal. It's a completely fucked up system of "you can and you cannot."

So, in conclusion, as a libertarian I do not believe in the outlawing of anything that one might want to inflict unto themselves but anything they are doing should never interfere with others' options and just as valid rights to clean air as a smoker is.

My parents smoked during my entire childhood so yes, I will admit a bias and a longheld anger at never having had a choice if I wanted to be around cigarette smoke or not. I believe, though, that because of my personal experience, I am able to speak from a place of sincerity and, hopefully, express to those who haven't experienced it themselves, that the feeling of having absolutely no options is one of the most imprisoning feelings and it is unfair -- and perhaps even cruel -- to deny someone the options that the smoker had. The smoker had the same air as the non-smoker, the smoker had the option to pollute it and did so willfully. The non-smoker, of course, might have the option to leave but that's certainly not fair either.
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