Countess Von Fingerbang (madampresident) wrote,
Countess Von Fingerbang

So, some of my friends know how much I love and adore my google chrome browser but I have to say, I just downloaded Opera and I am in LOVE. I've barely done anything on it yet and already I'm impressed. Leave it to the Norwegians. I just love it already because it is very tidy and need and sleek but it has great features. Really, if anyone is at all on the fence about a web browser LOOK INTO OPERA.

I do have to say that I love Chrome, Opera and Safari and have been disappointed and burned repeatedly by IE and Firefox. It kills me a little inside that my mother stubbornly continues to use IE, my girlfriend refuses to switch over, all the guys in my office use IE. I just want to be like "STOP DRINKING THE KOOLAID!" or in the eternal words of Doctor House "CLIMB OUT OF YOUR HOLES, PEOPLE!" ♥

Obviously, I hold my mother and girlfriend in the highest regard, I think they're smart and I will acknowledge that Microsoft has made IE a lot more secure and stable than it used to be and people make decisions that work for them and my mother and girlfriend don't do A LOT on the internet that they need to worry about all that. But... CHROME SAFARI OPERA.
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