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So I have more A Softer House comics... they were so well received the first time that I made even more! I stockpiled them a little because I've had them for a while but am just now getting around to posting more. The first 16 can be found here at my old journal.

I... have no explanation for the cut text? Maybe it'll be my next comic! Anyway, standard disclaimer: A Softer World [ dot ] Com is my inspiration for these and there is 0 infringement intended, these are just for fun!


Tags: a softer house, a softer world, graphics
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LOVE. Okay, I think you already showed me some of these, but I'm not sure. But I still love them. =D
♥♥ Yeah, I think I showed you all the Stacy ones =D!! I still love you! :) ♥♥
these are fun!
Amazing graphics and captions. I especially love the one with 'you belong to me' XD
Ah! *flails* These are amazing! And you included Whitner/Cuddy! OMG! *flails more* Awesome wonderful stuff!
I've never seen things like this before! I like it! I especially like the framing and cropping of "being invisible gets old" and "you belong with me" w/ house/cuddy/wilson. ::goes to check out other post::
Loved the one with Wilson's divorce phone-in. :))
A friend just introduced me to A Softer World the other day, and I fell IN LOVE.

And then I see this... Wow, you are my hero. Seriously. I love these.
LOVE these!!! you are brilliant!
Sigh - these are lovely. So poetic, and such wonderful use of images from the show. Thanks for sharing! ♥
awwww! it's touching and so emotionally gripping. it's really great how you've set this out! the wording is really something


February 16 2008, 08:48:21 UTC 9 years ago

these are gorgeous. i really love them all.

for some reason i liked 37... does anyone know of any fic on that subject matter featuring chase?
IN LOVE WITH THESE. f*ck. Your a genius.
These are great. "You belong to me" is my favourite. :D
I love them a lot! So beautiful!
Awwwwwww at Chase thinking no one will love him.
These are wonderful. The Chase ones are so sad! Poor baby :(

Deleted comment

Yeah! I can do that!

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Something like this?
OMG! I just love it! Brilliant!

My outstanding effort for so much work, it was really worse it! Thank you so much for sharing this with us :)

Wow, this is just amazing. ♥
These are wonderful!
I really love these.


February 22 2008, 20:20:39 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  February 22 2008, 20:22:27 UTC

Hello, why did I miss this post?!!!!!! Those are brilliant, especially the Cuddy/Stacey ones. ♥

I like these ones even more, I think, if that's possible.
Can't wait for more. x]
'you are beyond me' made me laugh outloud. these are so fantastic!
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